Magazine Advertising: Brand Credibility + Targeting

MediaBuyers is able to negotiate exceptional rates in big-name magazines for branding and direct response advertising objectives. We employ custom strategies to target your audience for the best ROI.

Consider Targeting and Environment


Why Magazines?

  1. Magazines are highly targeted to opt-in readership with high HHI.  
  2. Consumers are more engaged and spend more time reading printed material. Websites are skimmed in just 15 seconds!
  3. Placing ads in specialty or enthusiast magazines make it easy to reach niche audiences (i.e. segments) that are already receptive to your message.
  4. Enthusiasts are always the most active consumers and the best to market to.
  5. Magazines encourage a sense of relaxation and receptivity.
  6. Magazines provide an escape from the invasive assault of banner ads and popups.
  7. Magazines are pleasantly designed, allowing room for your ad to shine.


Buy High-Value Time with Passionate Readers via Magazine Ads

  • Remnant rates available
  • National, regional, and hyper-local print
  • Run of book or marketplace

Magazine advertising gives you extended 1:1 time with engaged readers in a way no other media channel can. Work with MediaBuyers and you’ll get immediate access to highly discounted ad rates and an extensive inventory of remnant ad space in 400+ monthly, weekly, city, special interest and trade magazines of every kind.



As with newspaper, you can establish results over on-sale dates and beyond, utilizing strong Calls to Action (CTAs).

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