Integration Is Key

Your KPIs Drive The Process And The Strategy

Our Approach

Step 1: Discuss Goals

What are your goals (KPIs)? Your goals provide the roadmap for measuring success.

Step 2: Multi-Channel Strategy

Based on your needs and assets, we’ll craft a plan together! We’ll choose the right media and help you stretch your dollars at the same time.

Step 3: Offline Media Development

From the Wall Street Journal and Wired Magazine to NFL television commercials. From local radio to out of home billboards and car wraps. Your goals and budget dictate your media choices.

Step 4: Evaluation

Non-digital results measurement is simple if you follow the steps. We’ll guide you through the process!

Step 5: Testing Cycle

Our Mantra: Test. Measure. Refine. Scale. 

Success means it’s time to Scale Up!

From T.M. Media Strategist, Cult Collective

"We engaged the MediaBuyers team for two pieces specifically related to a retail/trade promotion: radio and OOH. I’m the first to admit the timeline was unreasonable, but they connected with our team and returned with a quality of thinking, timeframe for delivery and reliability within the data that was beyond noteworthy. The subsequent dialogue to get to final plans was seamless. The MediaBuyers team was the perfect blend of smart, strategic and responsive. I look forward to the next opportunity to connect with this team."

Our Ability To Measure Offline Results Will Help You Optimize Your ROI!

  • Television Post Logs - Will provide up-to-the-minute reporting of which ads ran where, the week after airing. Simply revisit your analytics with this data in hand!
  • Newspaper Ads - Will provide 50% or more of your response the first day, and close to 100% within a 5 to 7 day period. Your vanity url or custom 800 number keeps the numbers airtight.
  • Radio Ad Post Logs - Will be available the month following your airings. With radio, frequency is the key!
  • Monthly Magazine Ads - Can be effectively measured as above, but the evaluation period is extended. Results will trickle in 60-90 days following the on sale date.  This method is best for quarterly evaluation.

We’re especially valuable to digital and creative agencies needing on-call offline media expertise for specific projects, we immediately expand your team’s capacity and capabilities, saving you significant resources.


Hire Us and We Will Put The Pieces Together!

Media Buying


Pass us the baton to negotiate MUCH better rates on offline media and find right-fit opportunities to expand your campaigns.

Media Planning


Our offline media planning experts will integrate your multi-channel marketing plan.

Ad Campaign Optimization


We’ll review and optimize current campaigns to increase acquisitions, reduce costs or prepare to scale.

Transparent Teamwork


We’ll establish a transparent partnership with you and your creative/digital teams.

Special Projects


We’ll help with product launches, time-sensitive promotions, event marketing and more.

"We are glad you introduced us to standby newspaper advertising last year. As you know, we spend most of our budget online and newspaper advertising seemed like a major risk when we started talking. However, the response we have seen from these ads is easily measured for accurate and quick evaluation. Best of all, we had success with several of the newspapers producing a hundred or more inquiries per day and the ROI that we require. Suffice to say that standby newspaper is earning a respectable place in our 2011 budget."

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