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Radio encompasses everything from podcasts, to terrestrial (local) stations, to SIRUS XM, to Nationally Syndicated Programing. We offer it all.

Radio and Podcasts: Tell Your Story


Why Radio?

  • Reach: 91% of Americans listen each week.
  • Tune-In Time – 14 hours+ per week across all demos.
  • Podcasts are hot!
  • FM chips coming to phones – 30M in next 3 years!
  • 82% of online radio listeners listen to broadcast radio.
  • AM/FM Radio has highest Ear Share – 84.7%.
  • No Commercial Skipping!
  • Radio provides a strong local connection.
  • Radio is easy (and affordable) to test.
  • Radio listeners are passionate, loyal, and engaged.
  • Radio is LIVE!


Take Advantage Of Our Negotiating Prowess

  • AM/FM radio
  • SiriusXM satellite radio
  • Nationally syndicated programs
  • Remnant opportunities



As with television, your post logs provide you with the data you’ll need to evaluate offline results.

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