TV Is The Most Powerful Medium To Get Your Message Across

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Why Television?

  • TV can be highly targeted. You can pinpoint exactly the type of customer you want to reach.
  • Nielsen reported 113.3 million TV households in 2015.
  • Reach thousands of viewers with EACH airing.
  • Savvy consumers like to use multiple video devices at once — to look up products they see on TV.
  • TV is the ORIGINAL “social media” — when viewers get excited about something on TV, they TALK about it.
  • You can pinpoint exactly the type of customer you want to reach by airing when and where your customer is watching.
  • The Video Advertising Bureau reports that 82% of brands show a direct correlation between TV ads and web traffic.
  • Consumers say TV is where they are the MOST likely – and PREFER – to learn about products to buy.
  • With TV, your cost per viewer can be lower than online, especially if you’ve been buying.


Bring Your Tv Story To Life For Less Than You Think

  • Highly targeted
  • Live sports
  • Multiple platforms (DirectTV, Comcast, Dish)
  • Cable and satellite television
  • National, regional, local
  • Remnant DMA opportunities

There’s no better showcase for advertising your product than the compelling, multi-sensory television experience that still dominates all media. And at the rates MediaBuyers can negotiate, you’ll find that television advertising is surprisingly affordable.



Post logs provide the exact air dates, times, and programs so you can tie offline behavior to your online results.

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